File loading

Basic usage

BX.use(alias, path)API

Loads a singe file or all files from a folder (recursively). It loads each file only once, unlike Extend Script #include directive.

It resolves an absolute path, path relative to alias folder, path reative to main script file (in case of omitted alias parameter). Alias is some folder defined via BX.alias(name, path)API method.


// --- file1.jsx ---
alert('Hello from file 1');
// --- file2.jsx ---
alert('Hello from file 2');
// --- test.jsx ---
#include 'path/to/Brixy/includes/Brixy.jsxinc'; // necessary core Brixy library

#include 'file1.jsx'; // loads
#include 'file1.jsx'; // loads

BX.use('file2.jsx'); // loads
BX.use('file2.jsx'); // skips

test.jsx will output:

-> Hello from file 1
-> Hello from file 1
-> Hello from file 2

Folder aliases

BX.use.alias(name, path)API

Alias defines a shortcut for a full folder path. It resolves an absolute path.

You may define the alias of the main script folder as BX.use.alias('', path) or BX.use.alias(path).

Ignoring of files

BX.use.ignore(name, path)API

If you want to skip certain files from loading, mark them by BX.use.ignore(alias, path) method.

Edited: 2015/04/12