ScriptUI Builder

SuiBuilderAPI provides its own way of building a user interface based on the Adobe ScriptUI. It features:

  • a prepared set of the Adobe ScriptUI components
  • extensibility via custom components
  • built-in validators
  • well readable and maintainable fluent interface API design

Including into application

Brixy framework offers a prepared script that includes SuiBuilder module and loads a set of base ScriptUI components and helpful debug methods.

Including in Brixy MVC application:

BX.use('brixy', 'includes/suiBuilderPack.jsxinc');

Including in application not based on Brixy MVC application framework:

// required core Brixy library
#include 'path/to/Brixy/includes/Brixy.jsxinc'

// SuiBuilder library
#include 'path/to/Brixy/includes/suiBuilderPack.jsxinc'

First dialog window

Load module:

var SuiBuilder = BX.module.Me('brixy.ui.SuiBuilder');

Create SuiBuilder instance:

var b = new SuiBuilder();

For each dialog window we need one SuiBuilder instance. First of all we should create the window itself. The window() factory method creates new ScriptUI Window component:

b.window('dialog', 'Hello World');

Now we can add window's components by calling their factory methods. Create SuiBuilder row component. It is wrapper to the ScriptUI group component with orientation 'row'. SuiBuilder always places new components inside the last created container component. So row is appended inside the window.


Now we will add SuiBuilder staticText component as wrapper to the ScriptUI statictext component. Because the row is recently created container component, new staticText component is appended as its child component.

b.staticText('Hello World!');

Add SuiBuilder button component as wrapper to the ScriptUI button. Button is also added as child of the row component. Note that previous staticText is not container component.


And finally show the window:


Complete script:

var b = new SuiBuilder();
b.window('dialog', 'Hello World')
        .staticText('Hello World!')

Note the use of the fluent interface API design that allows you to chain method calls. It is clear and well readable code.

Edited: 2017/01/20

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